Ufc 8Th Master Agreement

By using or visiting the UFC website, »®) www.UFC.tv or products, software®, software, data and services available to you on, from or via the UFC® (together the « Service »), you accept (1) these Terms and Conditions of Use and (2) the UFC`s privacy policy®. If, for some reason, you do not accept all the terms of this Agreement, including the privacy policy of this site, please immediately stop using the Site. In a version of this goods rights contract received by bleacher Report, the combatant is entitled to 10 per cent of the gross proceeds from products bearing their name and image. ARTICLE XXIICONFIDENTIALITY2.1 Fighter may not disclose to third parties any information regarding the terms and conditions of this agreement or a De Bout agreement (except: (i) to the extent necessary to comply with the law or decision of a competent court. (ii) in the context of a normal reporting or verification procedure. , addressed to Fighter`s lenders, auditors, lawyers and similar experts, provided that these lenders, examiners, lawyers and other similar experts agree to be bound by the provisions of this section; and (iii) to enforce Fighter`s rights under this agreement or a final agreement, in which case Fighter agrees to enter into a confidentiality agreement for all of these proceedings.22.2 ZUFFA has the exclusive right to determine the date and content of and to make press announcements and other public statements about this agreement. But I don`t think the law supports an eternal agreement that continues to go beyond a champion clause, essentially until an athlete has lost. You agree that: (i) the service is exclusively located in Nevada; and (ii) These terms of use are governed by the internal material laws of the State of Nevada, regardless of the principles of the law conflict law. Any claim or dispute between you and the UFC® resulting entirely or partially from the service will be decided by a competent court in Clark County, Nevada.

The parties accept the jurisdiction of these courts to accept service or notification by mail and waive any jurisdiction or place of trial that it otherwise has. These terms of use, along with confidentiality notices and other legal information issued by UFC.tv on the Service, constitute the full agreement between you and UFC® regarding the service. UFC President Dana White said: « I couldn`t be more excited to enter into an agreement with The Walt Disney Company and ESPN that will continue to develop our sport.

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