Tin Bigha Corridor Agreement

BJP and Trinamool had strongly opposed the agreement in previous cases. The state of Assam also strongly opposed the agreement until April 2015, but agreed to control illegal immigration. Visibly moved by the joy of the locals, she then recounted, at a public rally in Patgram – a border community on the border of Cooch Behar, in west Bengal – the efforts of her government to solve the problem of the long-existing enclave. « This is an achievement of our government, » she said, recalling her father`s approach in 1974 to ensure the use of the Tin Bigha corridor for the inhabitants of both enclaves. The international borders are clearly demarcated at Tin Bigha, with high fences along the corridor. But a few metres away, the land mixes on both sides with the other, paving the way for the smuggling of goods and the trade in animals, especially cattle. It is known that despite the entire line, monitored by the BSF and surveillance cameras, such illegal activities continue and many people live in this area. [10] In fact, it was difficult to obtain sufficient information about these activities, precisely because of their secrecy. Government officials of the District Prosecutor`s Council (DMO), Cooch Behar, said such crimes had decreased and security had been tightened.

They gave up discussing the subject in detail when they were further studied by the researchers. [11] [22] « Question No. 1748 Land Border Agreement with Bangladesh. » Department of Public Diplomacy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi, 4 May 2016. www.mea.gov.in/lok-sabha.htm?dtl/26749/QUESTION+NO1748+LAND+BOUNDARY+AGREEMENT+WITH+BANGLADESH. But even in this impoverished state, the most important problem is that of the local dacoits population, which regularly makes statements on the Bangladeshi border at 13 km. As part of the agreement, the international border with Bangladesh will extend to the door of the 16 families living in the village of Tin Bigha, and their fear of what will happen next will be largely written on their sewn and ferocious faces.

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