The Quarters Lease Agreement

3.4 The tenant must use the premises in accordance with all legal provisions, including fire protection, and only use the premises to the extent that the lease permits under the legal and regulatory provisions. 5.1 The tenant pays a security deposit no later than the registration date. The deposit is used to guarantee all claims of the lessor with regard to the rental contract. If the tenant does not meet his obligations under this agreement, the lessor reserves the right to use the deposit paid to cover the costs of the tenancy agreement without seeking additional permission from the lessor. Our employees maintain constant communication with each resident using the email, social media and ad area of this site. In addition, text messages and phone calls can be used to deliver urgent messages. Please monitor your email file and our company`s social media channels for the most up-to-date information. 9.2 In the event of early termination of the tenancy agreement by the tenant, the tenant is required to invite the landlord in writing to reinstate it, indicating that the premises are in the specified condition. This must be done one week before termination, no later than 24 hours after receiving the early termination declaration. The return date must be set no later than one week after receipt of the early termination declaration. Tenants are responsible for paying benefits, as stated in the rental agreement. As part of our commitment to first-class service, The Quarters at Laramie has partnered with SimpleBills ( to provide monthly personalized billing for your share of electricity bills. Account setting and payment are settled directly with SimpleBills.

Detailed information about setting up your account at SimpleBills will be provided before the scheduled rental start date. 5.2 If the lessor subtracts the deposit during the lease, for example. B due to damage caused by the tenant, the tenant is required to pay the requested amount within 14 days at the landlord`s request. If the deposit is a bank guarantee that expires before the termination of the tenancy agreement, the tenant is required to renew the bank guarantee no later than three months before the expiry of the contract. If it is not the tenant, the lessor has the right to benefit from the bank guarantee (conversion to cash deposit). 8.2 Leases may be terminated as part of a 60-day termination notice. Instead of requiring all roommates to sign a common lease, each person in the Quarters at Laramie has their own individual contract with one person per room. This means you just have to pay for yourself, not your roommates. Even if a roommate moves or other rooms are empty in your apartment, you only pay the price of your room. 10.7 The parties agree that all disputes relating to this lease, including when it is terminated, fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the district court.

As such, the parties undertake to comply exclusively with the laws of the country where the property is held, excluding the reference standards of private international law and the united Nations right of sale. 10.1 Any notification of the lease agreement must be made in writing and can be sent personally, by a return by prepaid mail, email or fax to the designated point of contact of the party in accordance with the rental agreement. The tenant bears all expenses related to the construction of the lease, including taxes, fees and expenses incurred. During the move, a copy of the rental manual was provided to each resident, who set out the rules and expectations of life in one of our units.

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