Clp Agreement

It is in effect until the end of the agreement and can be extended. The price is limited to the remaining duration of the contract. The Adobe CLP agreement allows uCL secondary user rights to install a license acquired on a personal computer for work-related purposes, unless both are used simultaneously. This agreement applies to Adobe desktop products that are not part of the Creative Cloud offer and offer permanent licenses for Adobe products. Users can benefit from the maximum discount offered by Adobe. The Adobe CLP agreement offers no support. Servicedesk can only provide limited assistance to products that are part of its services and can be contacted by ext 25000 or by e-mail to IT services. The goal of this site is to enable all UCL employees to quickly and easily access information about the Adobe CLP agreement. This page will be updated if changes are made to the agreement.

The Adobe CLP agreement is an agreement that gives UCL a discount on indefinite Adobe products. The discount is based on steps, based on our Adobe editions each year. The license allows you to use the software for the departments of the University of Iowa for UI transactions. They do not have the license or the software and are not allowed to copy the media for others. You must remove the software from your computer when the machine leaves campus. You will receive a serial number for installing the Adobe product. They are required to keep it safe and will be held responsible for unauthorized use. All licenses are unlimited, i.e.

no expiry. Please contact if you need an unmentioned title. Students can use the software on all machines owned by University College London or located on the site. Students cannot have copies of Adobe UCL licenses on their computers. Use of laptop or home. The user can install a second copy of the software on a second system if it is not used simultaneously and if the user is the exclusive user of both systems. For more information, contact an Adobe distributor. You can find dealers in Ireland here. Each new version of a main version requires a new purchase. Adobe Server and other servers can also be included, contacting for more information. Availability/price can be found on the pages of the software database.

If not, please contact us. Find out more about the Adobe CLP contract by contacting the IT purchasing team who will register with the CLP and allow you to view order history, license details and other information. You can downgrade your acquired license from the product to an earlier version, but there is no upgrade path and a new license must be purchased for a new version. It should be noted that the Adobe CLP agreement does not cover all Adobe products.

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